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Founded in 1975, Interscan Corporation is internationally recognized, by government and industry alike, as the go-to company for toxic gas detection instruments-and the necessary record-keeping software. In a world of me-too products, “one size fits all” pseudo-engineering, and corporate mergers that seem to discourage the individual attention you deserve, Interscan is dedicated to old-fashioned customer service. Above all, we make sure that what you buy from us is ideally suited to your specific needs.

Who is Interscan Corp.?

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4000 Series

Portable Survey Gas Monitoring Applications

Interscan’s portable gas analyzers are available for applications including: Br2, CO, Cl2, ClO2, C2H4, ethylene oxide, HCHO, H2, hydrazine, HBr, HCl, HCN, H2O2, H2S, NO, NO2, O3, peracetic acid, propylene oxide, and SO2.


  • An integral sample pump, powered by rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries (supplied), giving up to 10 hours of continuous service
  • Digital readout of concentration in real time
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Nylon/Cordura carrying case
  • Plug-in “calculator-type” battery charger
  • UL Classified Intrinsically Safe models, for use in hazardous locations (Class I, Groups A, B, C, and D) are available. Please consult factory.
  • Analog output (0-100 mV full scale)


LD Series

Single Point Continuous Gas Monitoring

Interscan’s LD Series represents the ultimate in single point continuous gas monitoring systems. Each and every component has been chosen based on years of experience in some of the most demanding environments imaginable. What’s more, the units are easy and inexpensive to maintain.

An impressive array of options allows the specifier to put together a system ideally suited to the application at hand.


LD Series: Two Point

Continuous Gas Monitoring

In addition to the PLC series of multipoint gas monitors, generally offered for three or more points, INTERSCAN provides a two point system, configured as an expanded version of our LD Series single point gas monitor. This two point system, while not equipped with quite the array of automation features as is standard in our PLC-based multipoints, offers the same proven INTERSCAN gas detection reliability upon which our customers have come to depend. The LD series two point system is available for all the gases monitored by INTERSCAN.