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A story that began in 2001 and adapting to everyday changes


Our company name DEMESA originates from Detection - Measurement - Safety. We identified ourselves to what our strengths are. Our knowledge and experience extends itself over 30 years. When we say ‘Instrument Specialist’ we are confident you will get the best service and knowledge. We are committed to you our customer, and our partners.

Based in Oakville, Ontario, we offer a variety of products. We distribute products from established companies such as RKI Instruments, MSA Safety, Interscan Corp., Heron Instruments, Hanna Instruments, Critical Environment Technologies (CETCI), Edinburgh Instruments.



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Our commitment to our customers and partners.

Instrument Sales

Specializing in the sales of portable instruments for several applications.

As Instrument Specialists, we understand your need for a reliable and trusted source of products and information. We have established relationships with reputable and leading manufacturers of safety and environmental instruments for all your monitoring solutions.

Calibration Gases

Sale of calibration gases for portable gas monitors, indoor air quality monitors, fixed gas detection systems, photo ionization detectors and other monitoring and detection technologies. Sold in 17L, 34L, 58L, 103L and 221L cylinders.

Fixed Systems

Sale and installation of gas detection systems which provides continuous monitoring for potential hazards.

We can provide systems for numerous applications/configurations: from single point stand-alone detection system to a 32-point multi-floor parkade detection system with ventilation control.

We can also supply design, configuration, material, installation and certification of your particular application.

Calibration Certification

We offer calibration services on most gas detectors, whether portable or fixed. We calibrate your instruments and provide a certificate of calibration using NIST traceable standards. Your instruments are certified according to manufacturer’s specifications.


Service and repair on all portable instruments and fixed systems by factory trained technicians.

All repairs done to your instruments are done to manufacturers specification and we only use factory replacement parts. For further peace of mind we offer a 90-day warranty on all our repair service.



Sale of tubing, cases, regulators (fixed flow and demand flow) and much more.

Vendor Partners

established manufacturers we can trust