Fall Protection

confined space entry equipment

Workman® Kits

confined space entry kit

A tripod must perform reliably within harsh conditions, and the Workman Tripod does. Built for durability, the unit features:

  • Skid-resistant feet with built-in leg base support strap that improves stability and strengthens entire system.
  • Cut-resistant pin retention chains to enable extended service life.
  • Internal leg-locking mechanism prevents accidental disengagement during use and reduces possibility of damage to mechanism during use or while in storage.

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Workman® Tripod

personal protective equipment

The Workman Tripod is primarily an anchorage connector component of a personal fall arrest system. It may also be used for work positioning, ladder climbing, rescue, retrieval, evacuation, confined space entry/exit operations and material lifting and lowering, depending on which attachment elements are included.

Use of the Workman Tripod must comply with these User Instructions and, further, is subject to approval under the user’s safety rules and regulations, safety director, supervisor, or a qualified safety engineer. Be certain the selection of the Workman Tripod is suited for the intended use and work environment.

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Workman® Rescuer

fall arrest

MSA’s Workman Rescuer provides fast, easy and intuitive fall protection with integral bi-directional retrieval capability. Not only does the Workman Rescuer arrest the fall, its retrieval capability allows the fallen worker to ascend or descend to a safe location. This durable, economical addition to the Workman Series of products offers fast installation and setup, ideal for applications where time and ease of use are a priority. The Workman Rescuer is also a stand-alone retractable device, as the carrying handle may be used as an anchorage attachment.

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Workman® Winch

confined space personnel & material hoist

The new MSA Workman Winch is rugged, versatile and economical for lifting, lowering and positioning personnel and materials within confined space applications. Designed for maximum 400-lb (182 kg) workload for personnel and 620-lb (282 kg) for materials, the Workman Winch is built with tough thermoplastic housing to ensure high performance within the harshest environments. Winch offers integral, ergonomic carrying grip and unique, foldable handle for simple storage. Patent-pending bracket design allows for easy, rapid assembly.

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Workman® Harnesses

full body harnesses

Quality, comfort, and value come together in the Workman line of products. Workman Full Body Harnesses feature lightweight components and durable webbing. For corrosive environments, the Workman® Stainless Steel Full Body Harness comes equipped with stainless steel hardware. Stainless steel components are resistant to harsh environments so they maintain durability when used in corrosive environments.

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EVOTECH® Harness

full body harnesses

The Latest in Harness Technology

MSA’s new EVOTECH Full-Body Harness offers the latest design features that improve user comfort, ease of use, durability, and user safety. The EVOTECH harness has Nanosphere® coating on the webbing that repels grease, dirt & moisture. Approvals CSA Z259.10-06.

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