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Accurate and Reliable Water Monitoring Equipment

Heron Instruments Inc. began manufacturing the H.OIL oil/water interface meter in 1995, and then quickly added a variety of groundwater monitoring instruments to their product line. They are committed in designing and manufacturing high quality water level monitoring systems.

Heron’s goal is to provide customers with accurate, reliable, environmentally safe and fairly priced groundwater monitoring equipment.

dipper-See EXAMINER

Vertical Downhole Inspection Camera Quick Start Video


Four Function Water Level Meter

The dipper-T water level meter is designed for well drillers, consultants and hydro-geologists all across the globe. The dipper-T is manufactured for professionals who require the most accurate measurements of water levels, length of well-casing and total well-depth.

The dipper-T water level meter can be conveniently converted to a multi-functional instrument, not only able to measure static and falling head levels, but also to determine the length of casing and well depth.


dipper-T 2

Static & drawDown Levels

The dipper-T2 is a rugged and dependable water level meter made from high quality materials, easy to use for a wide variety of applications. The dipper-T2 is capable of measuring both static and falling head levels. Static mode is used for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes.

DrawDown mode is used for measuring falling water levels during purging, well development and for low flow sampling; helping to protect your pump from damage caused by dry running.


water tape2

Static & drawDown Levels

The water tape2 water level meter is made for drillers, consultants and hydrogeologists that are looking for an economic water level meter that does not lack in quality. The water tape2 provides accurate water measurements without going over budget.

The Heron water tape2, an economical water level meter, can be used for measuring both static and drawDown levels in open bodies of water, wells, boreholes and standpipes. This low cost unit with DUAL FUNCTION capability is ideal for every project and budget.


little dipper2

Static & drawdown Levels

The little dipper2 compact water level meter is the best tool for measuring the depth of water in a well or borehole that requires a short tape length. The little dipper2 works the same as the dipper-T2 in terms of functionality, but has a more compact frame allowing the meter to be easily transported in the field.



Static Levels

The SKINNY DIPPER narrow diameter water level meter has the thinnest tape and probe in our whole product family. The SKINNY DIPPER is a premium water level meter designed for hydrogeologists and well drillers to measure water down narrow openings of wells and piezometers. The water level meter is ideal for measuring static water levels in narrow wells, boreholes, tubes and piezometers.



Tag Line Plus

The dipper-Tag water level meter is designed for hydrogeologists who require a tape to attach a bailer to, in order to do water quality sampling. It can also be used by well drillers when performing well installation or well maintenance.



Oil & Static Interface Levels

The H.OIL oil, water interface meter is used to measure the interface level between two liquids in the same tank, vessel, well or aquifer. The dissimilar density of two liquids means the lower density, non-conductive product (LNAPL) will float on top of the higher density, conductive liquid (water). Denser products will tend to sink (DNAPL), creating a layer under the water. The premium padded carry case comes included to protect your precision instrument from the elements.



Oil & Static Interface Levels

The Sm.OIL oil/water interface meter has the same functionality of our H.OIL oil/water interface meter. This compact unit only comes in one tape length (20m or 60’) on a small hand held frame designed for easy portability. The premium padded carry case comes included to protect your precision instrument from the elements.


dipper-See EXAMINER

Vertical Downhole Inspection Camera

The dipper-See EXAMINER vertical downhole inspection camera is a cost-effective way for people performing well inspections, maintenance, and installation to do their jobs quickly and accurately. The dipper-See EXAMINER comes with everything a well inspector, well driller, or hydrogeologist needs to do more work in less time!

Designed with portability in mind, this self-contained unit is ideal for viewing in wells, drains, vertical shafts, open bodies of water, boreholes and narrow tubes over 25mm (1”) in diameter.