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  • Whether you require a single or multigas detector we are here to provide you with the best know how in the industry. We only offer products from reputed and known manufacturers such as MSA Safety and RKI Instruments. Let us assist you in choosing the right detector for your application. 

  • At DEMESA our offering for Indoor Air Quality Monitors includes portable IAQ monitors that can measure up to 15 gases simultaneously, with a choice of over 30 different gases and this all plug and play.  This is what we call “Sampling made Easy”. Applications ranging from Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Laboratories, Research Facilities, Parking Garages and several others.

  • We carry a wide variety of Water Quality Instruments to assist you in your projects.  Whether your need is to measure several parameters including pH, DO, Temp., Turbidity in one instrument or simply needing a pH pen, we can help you stay on time and be productive. We also offer water level and interface meters at competitive prices.

  • Air sampling pumps and sound level meters are only some of the instruments that we can provide you with. We can help you find the instrument for your application. Click on the Image above to see more products in this category.


Fixed Systems

We carry a wide variety of fixed detection systems to cater to your requirements from manufacturers such as MSA, and RKI Instruments. We can provide systems for numerous applications/configurations: from the single point stand-alone Oxygen (O2) detection system to a 32-point Carbon Monoxide (CO) multi-floor parkade detection system with ventilation control. Demesa can supply design, configuration, material, installation and certification of your particular application. We also offer the Preventative Maintenance Program for fixed detection systems.