Instrument Management and Training

Instrument Management

An Instrument Management Program is based upon your specific needs and requirements. A partnership would allow you to benefit from our expertise such as instrumentation knowledge, improved instrument operation, reduced repair and rental cost, and improved equipment utilization. Letting Demesa take care of your instruments can be a profitable decision. It would allow your employees to spend more time on billable hours and less time on servicing instruments. We can manage your inventory from either your location or our location. We’ll take care of all the logistics for you, we will customize this program to suit your needs as all needs are different and no two customers work alike.

Instrument Training

We believe that investing and training are one of the same. When investing thousands of dollars on instruments, you need to know that your field technicians are able to utilize them properly and to best of their capabilities. There are many questions that need to be answered when purchasing new equipment. Demesa provides customized training programs for all portable instruments. This service is offered at your location, so all you need to do is assemble your field technicians.